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The newest Report Viewer for Visual Studio 2017 has some bugs that prevent us from using it. We’ve downgraded to Microsoft ReportViewer Runtime 2015 for Web Forms (v 12.0.2402.15). However, the report designer in Visual Studio creates new reports in the new “2016” format, and even editing old reports upgrades them to the new format as well. The older Report Viewer doesn’t understand the new format and bombs.

The new report designer is an extension to Visual Studio, “Microsoft Rdlc Report Designer for Visual Studio,” version 14.2. We haven’t found an earlier version of the designer available as an extension.

We’ve tried installing an earlier version of SQL Set Data Tools, but the report designer was still the same. We also haven’t found a separate download for the earlier report designer.

Is there a way to add the older report designer to VS 2017? Or do we have to downgrade to VS 2015?