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rails i18n - translating text with links inside

I'd like to i18n a text that looks like this:

Already signed up? Log in!

Note that there is a link on the text. On this example it points to google - in reality it will point to my app's log_in_path.

I've found two ways of doing this, but none of them looks "right".

The first way I know involves having this my en.yml:

log_in_message: "Already signed up? <a href='{{url}}'>Log in!</a>"

And in my view:

<p> <%= t('log_in_message', :url => login_path) %> </p>

This works, but having the <a href=...</a> part on the en.yml doesn't look very clean to me.

The other option I know is using localized views - login.en.html.erb, and

This also doesn't feel right since the only different line would be the aforementioned one; the rest of the view (~30 lines) would be repeated for all views. It would not be very DRY.

I guess I could use "localized partials" but that seems too cumberstone; I think I prefer the first option to having so many tiny view files.

So my question is: is there a "proper" way to implement this?


log_in_message_html: "This is a text, with a %{href} inside."
log_in_href: "link"


<p> <%= t("log_in_message_html", href: link_to(t("log_in_href"), login_path)) %> </p>
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