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Explanation of strong and weak storage in iOS5

I am new to iOS5 development and using objective-c. I have trouble understanding the difference between strong and weak storage. I have read the documentation and other SO questions, but they all sound identical to me with no further insight.

I read the documentation: Transitioning To ARC - it references to iOS4 terms of retain, assign, and release; which confuses me. Then I look into Open U CS193p, where it differentiates strong and weak:

Strong: "keep this in the heap until I don't point to it anymore"
Weak: "keep this as long as someone else points to it strongly"

Aren't the two definition identical = if pointer no longer pointing to an object, then free the memory holding the object? I understand the concept of pointers, heap, allocation or deallocation of memory - but what's the difference between strong and weak?