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Whenever I launch the FireBase app, it logs the status of various Firebase features. Right now this is what is being logged:

Configuring the default app.

<FIRAnalytics/INFO> Firebase Analytics v.3200000 started

<FIRAnalytics/INFO> To enable debug logging set the following application argument: -FIRAnalyticsDebugEnabled (see ...)

<FIRAnalytics/INFO> Successfully created Firebase Analytics App Delegate Proxy automatically. To disable the proxy, set the flag FirebaseAppDelegateProxyEnabled to NO in the Info.plist

<FIRInstanceID/WARNING> FIRInstanceID AppDelegate proxy enabled, will swizzle app delegate remote notification handlers. To disable add "FirebaseAppDelegateProxyEnabled" to your Info.plist and set it to NO

<FIRAnalytics/INFO> Firebase Analytics enabled

I looked through the pods and didn't find any print statements so how else would I go about stopping these from being logged overtime I run the app?