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I have been running MAMP Pro 3.05 successfully in Yosemite up to DP4 on a partition that was a clean install of Yosemite.

I now have run the installer for DP5 over my Mavericks install, and now that MAMP Pro install will not start Apache. It says to check the logs, but I don't see anything pertinent.

I'm assuming that since this is a pre-existing install, something in its config is wrong for Yosemite's Apache.

Any ideas?

MAMP Folks just posted the workaround

Workaround for the 10.10 Preview 5 bug: Rename the file “envvars” located in /Applications/MAMP/Library/bin into “_envvars”

Test Update: It works!

Works for Yosemite release too!

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