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Facebook SDK: app not registered as a URL Scheme

I am using the Facebook SDK found here, and am trying the sample that is provided (in the folder FacebookiOSSample).

If I simply replace the AppId here with my specific AppId, then I can no longer Share. (I replaced it in both the AppDelegate file and the info.plist file). I now receive the following error:

FBSDKLog: Invalid use of FBAppCall, fb**** is not registered as a URL Scheme. Did you set 'FacebookUrlSchemeSuffix' in your plist?

Otherwise this works fine with the sample's original AppId which points to something named IFaceTouch.

What could be wrong with the setup of my app, how do I register my AppId?

Follow these three steps:

  1. Create a key called FacebookAppID with a string value, and add the app ID there.
  2. Create a key called FacebookDisplayName with a string value, and add the Display Name you configured in the App Dashboard.
  3. Create an array key called URL types with a single array sub-item called URL Schemes. Give this a single item with your app ID prefixed with fb. This is used to ensure the application will receive the callback URL of the web-based OAuth flow.

The finished .plist should look something like this:

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