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Basicly I'm super newbie and started internship in IT company. I installed VS with Xamarin. The problem that I'm facing is very frustrating. So even when i create empty project I can't compile it and get error like this :

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Warning major version 52 is newer than 51, the highest major version supported by this compiler.

I searched all over google and asked so many people and still no fix of my problem. If anybody can help me via skype or teamwiever i will APPRECIATE so much. My skype: toniterdal , feel free to add me

I was having the same issue, and tearing my hair out. I had the JDK Version 8 installed, but these warnings wouldn't go away, and eventually they generated a build-breaking error.

When I went to Tools -> Options -> Xamarin, and looked at the Android Settings, the Java Development Kit Location was pointing to jdk.1.7.xxxx, in Program Files (x86).

I changed it to 1.8.0_101, in Program Files. Then I restarted Visual Studio, and the same error happened again. Somehow, Visual Studio was detecting Version 7 of the JDK and pointing it to that automatically.

So the solution turned out to be very simple. As well as installing Version 8 of the JDK, UNINSTALL Version 7 of the JDK. As soon as I did that, Xamarin turned out to be much better behaved. This step solved a whole bunch of seemingly unrelated problems.

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