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No valid iPhone code signing keys found in keychain

So I downloaded to my Mac Pro the XCode 5 and Xamarin and created Single View Hello World application and excited to launch it through the simulator I run it and?

I got this error No valid iPhone code signing keys found in keychain.

Nice, I read all threads here and there, past and future but non of them helped as I just wanted to run it on the iOS simulator and not on the device.

I have realised that I cannot even switch to a different version of Simulator which are already on the laptop, the Simulator version 6 and 7 when I go to Run - Run With -> There is only Mono Soft Debugger for iPhone.

When I downloaded Tasky example project, this one is working fine and I can switch different types of Simulator.

Any advise which is not listed already on Interent or future networks?

It´s really simple, in the drop down (Solution Platforms) from the toolbar chose the right one, if you´re debugging in an iPhone/iPad chose that, if not change to simulator, the problem will go away, there´s no need for removing anything.

If you can't find the corresponding drop-down menu, check out this tutorial on how to make it visible. Once you can see the Solution Platforms combobox in the toolbar, you can select iPhoneSimulation and the problem will go away.

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