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No valid iPhone code signing keys found in keychain

So I downloaded to my Mac Pro the XCode 5 and Xamarin and created Single View Hello World application and excited to launch it through the simulator I run it and?

I got this error No valid iPhone code signing keys found in keychain.

Nice, I read all threads here and there, past and future but non of them helped as I just wanted to run it on the iOS simulator and not on the device.

I have realised that I cannot even switch to a different version of Simulator which are already on the laptop, the Simulator version 6 and 7 when I go to Run - Run With -> There is only Mono Soft Debugger for iPhone.

When I downloaded Tasky example project, this one is working fine and I can switch different types of Simulator.

Any advise which is not listed already on Interent or future networks?