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The default Bootstrap grid system utilizes 12 columns with each span having 30px gutter as below. Gutters are the white space between columns. Gutter width seems to be between 20px - 30px. Let's assume it's 30px here.

enter image description here

I want to remove the gutter space for a specific div, so that there will be no gutter space in the row. Each span will be next to each other with no gutter.

The problem is if I remove the margin 30px(gutter) it leaves 360px(12*30) at the end of the row.

Given that I want to remove gutter space for a specific div only. Let's assume that it's for div which are in the main_content div.

div#main_content div{
 no gutter for the divs in main_content

How can I remove the gutter for a specific div without loosing bootsrap responsiveness and not leaving space at the end of the row?

We're only looking at class .span1 here (one column on a 12 wide grid), but you can achieve what you want by removing the left margin from:

.row-fluid [class*="span"] { margin:0 } // line 571 of bootstrap responsive

Then changing .row-fluid .span1's width to equal to 100% divided by 12 columns (8.3333%).

.row-fluid .span1 { width: 8.33334% } // line 632 of bootstrap responsive

You may want to do this by adding an additional class that would allow you to leave the base grid system intact:

.row-fluid [class*="NoGutter"] { margin-left:0 }
.row-fluid .span1NoGutter { width: 8.33334% }

<div class="row-fluid show-grid">
    <div class="span1NoGutter">1</div>

You could repeat this pattern for all other columns, as well:

.row-fluid .span2NoGutter { width:16.66667%; margin-left:0 } // 100% / 6 col
.row-fluid .span4NoGutter { width:25%; margin-left:0 } // 100% / 4 col
.row-fluid .span3NoGutter { width:33.33333%; margin-left:0 } // 100% / 3 col
.row-fluid .span4NoGutter { width:25% }
.row-fluid [class*="NoGutter"] { margin-left:0 }

* EDIT (insisting on using the default grid) 
If the default grid system is a requirement, it defaults to a width of 940px (the .container and .span12 classes, that is); thus, in simplest terms, you'd want to divide 940 by 12. That equates to 12 containers 78.33333px wide.

So line 339 of bootstrap.css could be edited like so:

.span1 { width:78.33333px; margin-left:0 }
.span1 { width:8.33334%; margin-left:0 }
// this should render at 78.333396px (78.333396 x 12 = 940.000752)
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