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I am an Android developer. I was looking at the micro-apps architecture as they are being considered as the "future" of mobile development. While trying to understand the development process, I came across somethings like below:

1) "Built using HTML/HTML5, micro apps typically avoid app stores and load dynamically into existing communication tools. Developers can easily embed them into a full-featured web app or use them as a communication tool within an existing mobile app".

2) "One of the main benefits of micro apps is that they run seamlessly on all devices, whether it is a mobile or desktop. There is no need to build a separate micro app for each platform as one micro app works across all devices".

Src: https://dzone.com/articles/micro-apps-what-they-are-and-why-you-should-not-ig

I have read similar things at many places.

The examples being given for micro-apps are Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts etc. So, I am unable to understand the following things (taking example of Facebook Messenger):

1) Isn't Messenger also a separate mobile application?

2) Isn't it still platform dependent as one will have to make a separate application for Android, iOs etc?

3) How does it bypass Playstore?

4) How can a mobile app be made using HTML?

I am really confused about developing a micro-app. Maybe I am missing some basic understanding.

Kindly help. Thanks!