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How can I make a PWA application access other native app?

I am creating a PWA application running on both iOS and Android. There is a requirement on the app to support navigation. I know it is hard to support the navigation on a PWA app what I want to achieve is that to popup a dialog to ask users to open a native app for navigation such as google map or apple map etc. How can I do that through PWA application?

For opening native maps apps, use URL schemes.

For example if you want to open the Apple maps app focussing the apple headquarter, use this URL:,Infinite+Loop,Cupertino,California. If you open such link in the Safari browser, a popup opens which asks to open the Apple maps native app. (source)

For the Google maps app, it is similar. You just have to use Google maps links like this:,Cupertino,California. (source)

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