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Rest Server or API to test my Restful client?

I am creating an Android app that requires me to do a rest request to a server, get some data and analyze them.

I am still new to android development so i am not sure if i am implementing the requests and threading right, and the server is not ready yet. So i need a public rest server that i can use to test sending requests? It doesn't matter what data i receive.

Thanks in advance.


You can test against any public REST API that you can find from famous services and choose actions that don't require an authentication. For instance Tiny Url (if you want to test GET requests) and if you want more complex data you can get an auth token from Twitter and test against their API.

Note that this is just an example. The idea is to investigate the APIs of your favorite sites/servies and you'll likely find one that fits you and your tests.

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