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In c# how to obtain the first and last items in a Queue?

Say I have a rolling collection of values where I specify the size of the collection and any time a new value is added, any old values beyond this specified size are dropped off. Obviously (and I've tested this) the best type of collection to use for this behavior is a Queue:

If myQueue.Count > specifiedSize Then myQueue.Dequeue()

However, what if I want to calculate the difference between the first and last items in the Queue? Obviously I can't access the items by index. But to switch from a Queue to something implementing IList seems like overkill, as does writing a new Queue-like class. Right now I've got:

Dim firstValue As Integer = myQueue.Peek()
Dim lastValue As Integer = myQueue.ToArray()(myQueue.Count - 1)
Dim diff As Integer = lastValue - firstValue

That call to ToArray() bothers me, but a superior alternative isn't coming to me. Any suggestions?

One thing you could do is have a temporary variable that stores the value that was just enqueued because that will be the last value and so the variable can be accessed to get that value.


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