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Evenly space multiple views within a container view

Auto Layout is making my life difficult. In theory, it was going to be really useful when I switched, but I seem to fight it all of the time.

I've made a demo project to try to find help. Does anyone know how to make the spaces between views increase or decrease evenly whenever the view is resized?

Here are three labels (manually spaced vertically even):


What I want is for them to resize their spacing (not the view size) evenly when I rotate. By default, the top and bottom views squish towards the center:


So my approach allows you to do this in interface builder. What you do is create 'spacer views' that you have set to match heights equally. Then add top and bottom constraints to the labels (see the screenshot).

enter image description here

More specifically, I have a top constraint on 'Spacer View 1' to superview with a height constraint of lower priority than 1000 and with Height Equals to all of the other 'spacer views'. 'Spacer View 4' has a bottom space constraint to superview. Each label has a respective top and bottom constraints to its nearest 'spacer views'.

Note: Be sure you DON'T have extra top/bottom space constraints on your labels to superview; just the ones to the 'space views'. This will be satisfiable since the top and bottom constraints are on 'Space View 1' and 'Spacer View 4' respectively.

Duh 1: I duplicated my view and merely put it in landscape mode so you could see that it worked.

Duh 2: The 'spacer views' could have been transparent.

Duh 3: This approach could be applied horizontally.

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