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When is layoutSubviews called?

I have a custom view that's not getting layoutSubview messages during animation.

I have a view that fills the screen. It has a custom subview at the bottom of the screen that correctly resizes in Interface Builder if I change the height of the nav bar. layoutSubviews is called when the view is created, but never again. My subviews are correctly laid out. If I toggle the in-call status bar off, the subview's layoutSubviews is not called at all, even though the main view does animate its resize.

Under what circumstances is layoutSubviews actually called?

I have autoresizesSubviews set to NO for my custom view. And in Interface Builder I have the top and bottom struts and the vertical arrow set.

I had a similar question, but wasn't satisfied with the answer (or any I could find on the net), so I tried it in practice and here is what I got:

  • init does not cause layoutSubviews to be called (duh)
  • addSubview: causes layoutSubviews to be called on the view being added, the view it’s being added to (target view), and all the subviews of the target
  • view setFrame intelligently calls layoutSubviews on the view having its frame set only if the size parameter of the frame is different
  • scrolling a UIScrollView causes layoutSubviews to be called on the scrollView, and its superview
  • rotating a device only calls layoutSubview on the parent view (the responding viewControllers primary view)
  • Resizing a view will call layoutSubviews on its superview

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