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MBP Lock Screen Hotkey Without Sleeping?

I'd like to press a key combo to get my computer to the lock screen. In Windows the shortcut was Windows key + L. On Mac I press CMD+ALT+Power which turns the laptop off and puts it into sleep. I want to just have it go to the lock screen with the monitor staying on.

I have finally figured out how to do this:

pmset displaysleepnow

That will actually put the display to sleep without suspending the entire machine.

Amazing how hard it is to figure out how to do something so basic.

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High Sierra and higher(?)

As usual every system update changes something. There is now a Apple Menu item control++Q that locks the screen!

Sierra and lower

You can add the Lock Screen to your Menubar.

  • In Spotlight ( + Space) search for Keychain Access
  • Open Preferences ( + ,)
  • Check Show keychain status in menu bar This will show a lock in your Menu Bar with an option Lock Screen


  • System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts or Keyboard Tab
  • In the App Shortcuts or Application Shortcuts section, add a new item for All Applicationswith the Menu Title of Lock Screen and a Keyboard shortcut that you like. Example

This way you don't have to change your Screensaver timeout and you can lock your machine much like you do in windows. Note that You may also need to Logout and back in for any changes to the shortcut to take effect.

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