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How to Disable Battery Charging?

From the pmset man page:


-g with a 'batt' or 'ps' argument will show the state of all attached power sources.

[…] Certain Apple battery calibration tools may temporarily disable battery charging, even though your Apple portable is plugged into AC power.

Such tools will never surprise you with this behavior; you will know it's happening. This state will be reflected in an additional line of output to 'batt' or 'ps' readings, including the pid of the app inducing this behavior.

     'ChargeInhibit':    1432

So, does any piece of publicly available software exist to force the battery not to charge?


No it is not possible to discontinue charging while it is plugged in. This is a default function that enables as soon as you plug your portable charger in power source, and if any software does that, then it is surely going to harm you device as well as battery even more. So it is better to keep it that way.

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Not an Apple-approved answer, but to solve your root cause (to train battery regularly when your MBP is always at your desk), consider surge protectors with scheduled on/off (example, about $40 in Russia). You can program it to turn off in the beginning of night, and to turn on about 4am so that battery is charged back by the time you show up at your desk. To save charge cycles, I believe it should be performed not daily--but maybe once or twice a week.

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If you use a small piece of tape to block the middle (signal) pin on your MagSafe charger, your Mac will not charge because it can't identify the charger.

enter image description here

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