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Is there solar panel to charge a MacBook Pro 2016?

I want to buy a MacBook Pro 2016, probably the 15" model.

Since I travel around on my bicycle a lot, I'd find it really nice if I could charge it with a solar panel. Does anyone know how much Output a solar panel would have to have to power a MacBook Pro via USB?

What I would recommend is going iPad Pro and keep a Mac mini somewhere else for things you simply cannot do locally. Since you are looking at the new models that accept USB C charging, you have lots more flexibility to use solar / iOS type chargers than before. The early 2017 lineup has 4W to 35W processors instead of the much higher wattage ones from 2016 and older.

Even so, running LTE network and remote access to where you have AC power for your Mac keeps your bicycle build light and reduces your cost for solar 10x or more.

I personally wouldn't bike with anything bigger than the MacBook with USB-C charging or iPad, but you could be thinking of a trailer where 35 pounds of gear and Arizona type sunlight would make a MacSafe MacBook possible. Also, the MacBook come with 29W, 61W, or 87W USB-C Power Adapters so you can pick a solar panel that would mimic those recharge rates. It's possible you could get away with a 29W charge on the biggest MacBook if you didn't run down the battery but 1/5 of the way each day and had good times to charge it (i.e. all day on the back of the bike in clear conditions).

I have heard of people using the 13" and 15" MBP for light work and running all day on a 10W range iPad charger. They lost battery charge all day and watched CPU intensive tasks, but for email, light web, no video or no encoding work - they made it most of the day with less than 10% battery loss and regained 25% battery charge with the Mac sleeping all night on the iPad charger. Now you have USB-A to USB-C charge capability with a small cable instead of lugging a MagSafe AC to DC transformer.

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