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I have a Magsafe charger (original) that doesn't charge my MacBook Pro's battery. When it is connected, it will allow the machine to switch to power adapter mode (meaning no battery consumption) but the battery icon will show "Battery is not charged".

The green/orange light won't turn on. If I use another Magsafe charger, it works fine. Also if the battery goes down to 0 percent and the macbook is shutdown, this faulty charger will work (green/orange light turns on), and if I start the machine while the light is on, it will charge even if the machine is on. I already tried resetting SMC multiple times (to make sure I reset it correctly I tried using other chargers), but still cannot get it to work properly.

My question would be, can I reset the charger somehow to allow it to work again?

A MagSafe Power adapter cannot be reset. It's not a function of the computer but a failure of the internal component(s) of the power supply itself.

Why does it fail? IBM engineers addressed that very point in a presentation - Why do Power Supplies Fail, and What can be done about it?

Reasons range from environmental factors, quality/age of the components, and the spacing/location of components (design).

You've already done your diagnostics (trying a different one) and you have narrowed down the issue to the MagSafe adapter itself. It's time to get a new one.

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Sounds like you got a sticking ground pin.

example of a sticking ground pin

Just plug it out when connecting to the laptop horizontally (with more force) and stick it back it horizontally as well. Usually this is due to you removing the plug by lifting it (feels gentle but actually bad) rather than yanking it.

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