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I recently bought the new MacBook 12" and since it uses a USB-C port and not the traditional MagSafe one, I wanted to know if there is some way for me to know whether it is charging or not while it is switched off. I know that when we connect the charging cable we get a sound and the battery percentage shows up on the screen but I wanted to know if there is a way to know that in-between the charging without booting up.

There are no real guidelines for it except
Let your battery fully drain at least once per month
If you are not going use your laptop for a couple months, then leave it at around a 50% charge
Don't leave your computer plugged in all the time when you are using it. It's ok every now and then just don't do it for weeks at a time.
You have a great computer, enjoy it and try not to worry about the battery. You have a 1 year warranty if anything happens

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Curiously, Mac portables has been designed to be put to sleep instead of shutdown for very long time (I occasionally reboot, but never shutdown my iBook G4, which is from 2004)

So the solution would be using it as how it was designed, put it to sleep, open lid to check.

Yay, that's the USB standard's issue. They should have spec in optional indicator and signaling to the USB connector.

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