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Do every magsafe power ports have the selfsame form factor?

I have a MacBook6,1 with a 60W magsafe power adapter. The cord on the adapter got chewed up by my rabbit (she's fine) and I would like very much to replace it. But I really don't want to spend the $79 on the Apple Store!

I've seen magsafe adapters for as low as $27 elsewhere, but the connectors look different than mine.

This link, from Amazon, also 60W, claims to work for MacBooks (all of them, or some of them?), but is much less expensive:

Inspecting the connector in the picture, the only difference I can see is mine is "L" shaped and the the one in the picture plugs straight in perpendicularly. If the connectors have the same form factor and the power specs are the same, it seems that I could get away with the cheaper one.

So, will all magsafe adapters plug into my macbook and charge it?

There are two different connector types for the Apple MacBook: the Magsafe connector and the Magsafe 2 connector. The main difference is the appearance between the two, in that the Magsafe 2 connector has a thinner connecting piece. The choices are either the Magsafe or Magsafe 2. Any MacBook that was made from mid 2012 onward uses the newer Magsafe 2 connector.

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The difference is a form factor change. Don't expect better charging times or anything, it's just that the new Macbooks are somewhat engineered differently and it seems that Apple had to change the physical shape of the port to make it work with slimmer bodies.

Edit: The shape of the port itself is a bit slimmer and wider on the new macs:

But the actual pins are not different at all, just designed a bit differently (new on left, old on right): 

Images from:

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Yes - the computer side of things is the same, but the newer cord layout is needed for Airs or when the space around the port is restricted.

The 'L-shaped' MagSafe adapters were just a newer design which meant the cable went backwards instead of outwards. They should fit just fine and I've used one or two third-party ones in the past. Just as long as you pick the right power-output you should be fine. Here's a TUAW article on the matter

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