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For the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (and also the old tiny MacBook) that uses USB-C charging - is there something like a "status light" to see if your MacBook is charging (or full) without turning the screen on?


This is a rather old thread - you might get more responses by starting your own.

Do you have the same problem as the original poster? Does your MacBook Pro 'turn off' after plugging in a USB device?

Instead of replying you may want to start your own thread and decribe exactly what problems you're having.

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No light is provided on Apple cables, adapters or the MacBook.

The device makes a quiet charge sound when you connect the USB cord, so unplug and listen for that sound when you reconnect the charging cable.

It is similar to the sound made when an iPad or iPhone connects.

For those that prefer light to sound, some docks and adapters have a charging indicator, and probably more will follow suit.

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