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If the MacBook is closed can it happen that the keyboard touch and scratch display?

I don't mean anything to be put on the screen but something between display and key.

If you got a new MacBook there is some thin paper that cover your keyboard. I think it is there to "defend" display while transportation. Thats why is the question - do we need something like this if the notebook is transported for example in a bag?

If you’re concerned about the keys of your folio keyboard marking or damaging your screen, you might consider using a screen-protector on the iPad.


This will provide you with a sacrificial layer over your [expensive to replace] screen - that will protect it from damage from any abrasive contamination, such as grit under your finger (or Apple Pencil should you use one), or from anything touching the screen (such as the smart/folio keyboard or other case).

Screen protectors are generally available in two types - laminated glass or adhesive film. At present, being so new to market, options for the new 2018 iPad Pro models are somewhat limited. The best advice, should you choose to use one, is to buy a reputable brand with a good waranty and/or returns policy; avoid unbranded or cheap versions from places such as ebay - your expensive iPad deserves better - and with good brands, your iPad is more likely to function as it should.

As an example, Zagg, a well regarded manufacturer, produce screen protectors with one of the best return/repacement programmes of any if the suppliers; it is warranted for life - if you ever damage it, Zagg will replace it.

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On old Powerbooks (the G4 specifically) the keyboard would sometimes leave an annoying permanent imprint on the screen. However, with any new Macbook, this is not an issue: the keys are now softer and further away from the screen, so they should never touch.

In my experience, trekking around with my rMBP, no protection is needed: I've traveled pretty roughly with the computer with no protection on and the screen is in perfect condition (even if I look closely). Just make sure no dust or other particles are on top of your keys because the added height may cause it to touch the screen.

As far as why Apple ships MBs with foam screen protectors, it is apparently to protect they screen during the roughness of shipping (where there is significantly more bounce for the keyboard and screen to deal with than you'll subject it to in your use of it); I think any damage is rare enough that you don't need to protect the screen, though Apple does want to ensure that every MB is opened upon delivery in perfect condition (thus the foam insert).

tl:dr: Don't worry about it! You're much more likely to damage it by spilling liquid onto it, dropping it, or leaving it around pets.

For more, here's a forum discussion about your question.

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