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There is no earthing pin, only a socket with a metallic rim. Will it require some special socket that has a projecting earth pin? This is for use in India @ 230W. My adaptor is 85w.

>How much is it to replace the DC board<

> is there any kind of new warranty<

Dunno, you'd have to ask Apple or whoever you have do the repair.

The repair manuals are here:

The part for the MagSafe board is here: Inch-Mid-2009-through-Mid-2012-MagSafe-DC-In-Board/IF163-011-1

Mid 2009 - Mid 2012

>because someone once told me there were separate wattage magsafe adapters<

Yes there are 45, 60 and 85 Watt power adapters. You only get into trouble if you're supposed to be using, say an 85 Watt and plug in a 45 Watt. You'd be straining that adapter.

>Do I also need to keep the plastic cover for the magsafe to prevent dirt when transporting in my laptop bag?<

I have clients that do that. I can't do it because I always lose those caps.

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>I had to to constantly twist and unplug and replug the magsafe adapter from different angles just to get it to work<

The only time I've seen that is if there is dirt or debris in the port, connector or if the port has been damaged. The most dangerous thing to get in there is metal shavings or the like. That can cause a short.

>also had burn marks just like the magsafe cord that had a few pins pushed in and was slightly blackened<

So clearly the connector/port was damaged. From that point on it wouldn't have worked properly.

What size is your MBP?

Sounds like you'll most likely need to replace the DC in board.

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The ground / earth is comprised of the outer-most two pins in the MagSafe connector (both original and the thinner + wider MagSafe 2) and requires that the ground be connected to the other end of your AC to DC adapter.

powered, neutral and grounded (earthed) contacts on the MagSafe adapter

Rather than using a two prong plug, you could use a longer two prong cord and then ground the metal disc that serves to hold the "duck head" on the transformer/rectrifier/filter that makes up the bulk of the MagSafe adapter.

alternative solution to using the Apple duck head with the MagSafe adapter

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