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Are there different options for reducing glare on a MacBook Pro?

I'm discouraged that for those of us wanting matte displays, we have to get a pretty crummy looking white-gray border around the screen rather than the sleek black edge that normal MacBook Pros come with:

Is there a way to get a matte display without having to get the terrible-looking edge? Could I buy a regular MacBook and use some commercial screen overlay which would give the same effect without compromising the black edge?

As mentioned above there are films that can cut down glare but they also have some potential unpleasant side affects. They mute/distort colors, inside they reduce visability so you have to set the backlight higher which shortens battery life. They are also blessedly difficult to put on without bubbles. I look for shade or make my own. These look silly but might be a better choice than film or screens.

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You could try such a filter, but that won't help if the outdoor light is bright enough to wash out the screen image. Furthermore, using it under those conditions will damage the screen in time. Hence, the warnings about not using it in bright sunlight. Same goes for iDevices.

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I once saw someone using a sort of matte finish film on their MacBook display which seemed pretty effective.

It was something like the item in this review

Looks like you'd have to be very careful when applying it.

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