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After upgrade to Mojave, a long press of any letter does bring up the accented character menu but not anymore on the Touch Bar (Mac Book Pro 15-inch, 2018 with US keyboard).

Do you have an idea to to get them back on the touchbar ?

The most useful method to add typical characters to a document is to use the Option key on the keyboard, as it can be performed very quickly compared to the other ways if you memorize the keyboard layout. If you hold down Option and then press a letter on the keyboard, it will insert a different character into the document, one that's typically associated with the letter in some way. 
For example, Option-P will type the Pi symbol, Option-R will show the registered trademark logo, and Option-V will place the square root mathematical symbol. 
The full list of symbols can be shown in Keyboard Viewer, which can be activated by various ways, but the most direct way is to select the Apple logo in the Menu followed by clicking System Preferences. Select the Keyboard icon. 

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There is a possible reason why this may be:

You've installed the third-party product Webroot SecureAnywhere.

Webroot SecureAnywhere is made by Webroot Inc. When this software is installed on your Mac using its default settings, you might notice these symptoms:

Text that you dictate doesn't appear as expected. You don't see any accented characters when you hold down a letter key. You can't select items such as emoji in the Touch Bar of your 2016 MacBook Pro.

Follow these steps to fix the issue:

Click the Webroot SecureAnywhere icon in the menu bar. Choose Pause Secure Keyboard Entry.

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