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Malaysia timezone supposed to be GMT +8:00

But in my macbook (OS 10.13.5) it displays GMT +7:30 (note the last picture, bottom right), 30 minutes was missing, how can i fix this?

Note: I tried to set it manually via select the location /closest city, it still giving me GMT +7:30

It is giving me the wrong time display on some of the website now. For example, 9:00am become 8:30am

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Setting the clock for the first time

All you need to do to set the clock for the first time is select your time zone.

If you live in the Eastern Standard Time zone, you do not need to adjust the area setting.


Area number “2” appears on the display.

2 Press TIME ZONE repeatedly to select a number as follows:

Area number Time zone

0 Newfoundland Standard Time

1 Atlantic Standard Time

2 (default) Eastern Standard Time

3 Central Standard Time

4 Mountain Standard Time

5 Pacific Standard Time

6 Alaska Standard Time

7 Hawaii Standard Time

The clock display switches to the current time of selected time zone in about 4 seconds.

To change the clock setting manually, operate the unit as follows.

1 Press and hold ENTER/TIME SET for more than 2 seconds.

You will hear a beep and the last two digits of the year will start to flash on the display.

2 Press + or – repeatedly to select the year, and then press ENTER/TIME SET

3 Repeat step 2 to set the month, day and time.

After setting the time, two short beeps will sound and the seconds will start incrementing from zero.

If you do not press any button for about 1 minute while setting the clock, clock setting mode will be canceled.

You can get the users manual from here

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Check your settings

  1. This has already been done as stated in my post.
  2. This is bugged out with a spinning loading symbol that doesn't go away even if I turn auto select timezone off for several minutes then turn it back on. The only way to fix it is rebooting.
  3. This has already been set, and from what I read this is bugged as well, resetting on reboot, however I haven't verified if it resets after i disable and reboot on my phone.

As I said in 2, when the hour slow issue occurs, timezone is unable to be found until I reboot.

Turning off automatic update timezone based on location is not in my opinion an acceptable answer. Primarily because it's a feature on every phone. Secondly because it's considered bugged as well and resets on reboot.

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Wow. That looks like a bug that Apple could verify and fix if you filed one. If you’re a developer, use the bug reporter. If not, calling AppleCare and asking them to help you set up the proper time zone, and if they fail, pointing them to this excellent documentation of how you sure look to me did everything correctly.

Worst case, they explain the fix and you can post an answer here for all to learn.

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