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MBP Restore OS after Hard disk upgrade;

I planning to upgrade my 2010 MBP's Hadrdrive from 160GB to 500GB, I have alrerady lot of data on the existing disk, including Bootcamp partition.

Could anyone suggest how to do I go ahead with restoring the data? I don't want to recreate/reinstall bootcamp after upgrade.

Yes ! You have to restore the original OS first !

When your Mac eventually starts up, you’ll see a window named OS X Utilities.

Choose the option to install OS X. This will install the version of OS X that originally came with your Mac. Wait for the installation to finish.

After the OS X install finishes, create a user account that uses a different name then the name of your user account in your Time Machine backup.

Go to your Applications folder and open the App Store. Login using your AppleID and then click on Purchases.

Install the version of OS X that your Mac was using when you made your Time Machine backup.

Now that OS X has been installed on your new hard drive, it’s time to restore everything from Time Machine !

Again, turn on your Mac and hold down Command-R. Your Mac will now startup from it’s Recovery Partition that was created on your Mac’s new hard drive.

You’ll see the OS X Utilities:

  • Choose the Restore From Time Machine option.
  • Click Continue until you’re prompted to Select a Backup Source.
  • Select your Time Machine drive as the source and click Continue.
  • In the Select A Destination window choose your Mac’s hard drive.

Wait for the restore to be performed. It could take several hours if you have hundreds of gigabytes of data.

Finally restart your Mac, as needed, and then login to your restored user account.

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Yes - you should backup - Ideally you always keep a current backup.

Yes - you have to format the new drive GUID single partition in order to install the OS

You boot to your install disk, format the new disk using disk tools, do the install, after installing you restore from backup. Or - if you have an external case you could put the old drive in it it, skip the backup but after the install use Migration Assistant to transfer your old apps and data to the new drive.

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It looks like Carbon Copy Cloner cannot backup non-hfs+ volumes for you, which would be the main piece of software I would recommend for this. However, with the addition of Winclone, it seems you can do it without too much extra work.

I would first get an enclosure so I can work with both drives at the same time, but you don't actually have to, you just might need another Mac to be the middle man.

You will have to recreate the bootcamp partition on the new machine using the bootcamp assistant, but Winclone will automatically shove your Windows data back onto the volume, even if the sizes are different (of course, destination needs to be larger or same size as your previous boot camp partition).

So for the easy part:

  1. Download CCC
  2. Launch Carbon Copy Cloner
  3. Choose the volume that you want to clone from the Source Disk menu
  4. Choose a properly-formatted volume from the Target Disk menu
  5. Set the Cloning method to "Backup everything"
  6. Click the Clone button

This will put your Mac system on the new drive. Only use this method when it is staying in the same type of machine however, otherwise there can be issues.

Then, use Winclone to backup your Windows partition, and save it on the drive. The instructions below are lengthy so I didn't paste them that much, but overall its check 3 buttons, it will unmount the partition and save it as a file.

Next, switch the drive configuration, and boot into your normal system verifying all but the Windows partition is working. You then would need to run bootcamp, create a Windows partition, and follow the Winclone instructions to restore it from the file you created on your old disk.

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