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Require password to wake computer by particular condition"

I'd like to require password to wake my Macbook Air running Mavericks when it is not in my home.

So if it was not connected to my home wifi, then I'd like it to require password to wake from sleep or screen saver. And else, I'd like it to require password.

Can that be done?

If you want to break computer password having WINDOWS , there are several ways to do it. 

  • This is the easiest one, you can download an OS called Ophcrack. Its based on Linux. You can simply install it in any Pen Drive. Just boot it and it will give you the password of the computer. It's easiest and the fastest method. Google it for step by step process.
  • You can do a CMD trick, but for that you must have one time access to the computer you want to break.

These are some easiest method with which you can break any WINDOWS computer. 
Your password is saved in a file called SAM file which is encryted, but can be read with use of some software. 
Hope this helps you. Have fun breaking it.

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Here are two help articles that will detail how and when you can use the Touch ID on your Mac.

1. Use Touch ID on MacBook Pro

2. macOS Sierra: Use Touch ID on your Mac

Also, after putting your Mac to sleep, verify the settings in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. Ensure require a password is set for a specific time or immediately, and it is required when you wake your Mac. This article has info: macOS Sierra: General pane of Security & Privacy System Preferences

Require password... after sleep or screen saver begins

Use this setting to lock your Mac when it’s left in an idle state. When the Mac wakes, a user login password must be entered before the Mac can be used. You can select the amount of time after the screen saver or sleep begins before a password is required.

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You can use ControlPlane:

  1. Add a context named home from the contexts tab.
  2. Enable the nearby WiFi network evidence source from the evidence sources tab.
  3. Go to the rules tab and add a nearby WiFi network rule that sets the context to home.
  4. Add two screen saver password actions from the actions tab:

" />

Another option is to add a line like this to crontab:

* * * * * system_profiler SPAirPortDataType|grep -q 'network name'&&x=false||x=true;osascript -e 'tell application "System Events" to tell security preferences to set require password to wake to '$x

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