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Is there anyone who can help with the placement of of power logic components on main logic board? My macbook air is totally dead.

It depends on what the problem is. If the logic board was damaged, the costs can get close to a new computer although the exact tier of the repair depends on the extent of the damage. If it is undamaged, Apple will replace it for $310. If it's a fairly new MacBook Air, this might be worth it. 
Look at the fair market value of your MacBook Air and if the cost of the repair is more than 50% of the value of the computer, it's probably not worth it.

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I cannot speak for Apple Centre, but my local Apple dealer charges 80 CHF just to estimate what needs replacing on a Macbook, since the fact is it takes time to figure that out and most of the time most people say no, not worth it; time the dealer has lost. So make sure if you ask for a quote, it is going to be a free one.

But to replace or repair, that is the question shakespear himself may have been asking had he born 500 years later. If you try work thru the logic, you find many of the posts are almost the same, just inverses of each other. I got 7 reasons for and 7 against, it isn’t an easy question to answer.

Let’s do the logic, in your favour.

  • It is going to cost less to repair it, fact.
  • You losing less depreciation in the process, fact.
  • Most new laptops have next to no moving parts, discounting the keyboard [which is mechanical of sorts], so there is a minimal ware and tear factor here, fact; more true today than it ever has been.
  • That said even electrical parts eventually fail, and depending on how much you used it/use it and indeed the environment it sits within will dictate the life it has left in it, fact.
  • You can reasonably assume the OS will not get any more updates beyond 7 years, 2 years beyond that the current version of your app may not run on it, fact/highly lightly.
  • If you got/rely on things you got plug into it [like printers] support for the is going to die faster than the OS I suspect, maybe 3–4 years only. possibility.
  • You got shell out a few hundred to get it fixed, so you got have a lump sum now, maybe it is less then a new one, but a new one is a different financial equation.

Against repair

  • laptops of complex beasts and they may miss something or mess something up causing it to fail again when they “fix” it, possibility..
  • Almost the same as the above point , it is running slow/out of memory doesn’t have X or Y whatever and well it would make your life easier if you had it. opinion.
  • Obviously you get new, you got the longest life OS wise, it will be faster :) and feel and smell new / different. fact.
  • Controversial for sure, the latest OS versions will need more power and the older it gets, the slow it will get, better get a new one. fact.
  • Virtual reality is a good example of a feature that you need new hardware to run, a real world example you need an iPhone 6 to use VR apps, they won’t run on older hardware. More memory another example of the same thing. replace it. fact.
  • You can get a new one on credit, will cost you more in the long run but maybe it is more affordable, look at your finances. possibility.
  • New gizmos may only work with the new models, if you need a new gizmo too, you need a new one. individual.

So to replace or repair that is the question. Most “experts” will tell you to replace it if your laptop is more than 2/3 years old don’t repair it, they do so the basis that 2/3 years beyond your repair you need to replace it anyway for the reasons outlined.

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I assume you're looking for a way to bypass the power button to power it on? If so this should help.

The power pads, two slightly raised solder points, are found just above the keyboard flex connection on the logic board. See the circled pads in the picture below. Bridging these two pads while power is provided to the Mac should power it on. Be sure to use a metal tool with a non conductive handle to bridge the two points.

13" MacBook Air Mid-2011 power padsSource picture can be found in iFixit's 13" Mid-2011 MacBook Air logic board replacement guide, used and modified under a CC license.

Something to keep in mind, a stuck power button will prevent a Mac from powering on even when the power pads are shorted. To verify that the top case (it houses the power button) is at fault you should disconnect the top case flex cable (silver flex in the photo) and try again if the Mac doesn't first power on with the power pads. If it still doesn't power on with the flex disconnected then the logic board is likely at fault although you could still dive deeper and disconnect components (SSD, speakers, display) to further isolate the logic board.

Good luck! Hopefully it's something simple/cheap.

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