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I have two servers on the same subnet. I have an application installed which uses multicast UDP to propagate events between the two servers and keep them in sync.

This does not seem to be happening, so I want to make sure that the multicast UDP messages are getting through as my first step.

The servers are running Windows 2008 R2.

How can I test Multicast UDP connectivity between two servers?

Ping does works very well to test multicast throughout the entire multicast enabled domain.

If you need assistance setting this up to work, just let me know!! I use ping for testing all the time as-well-as wireshark.


Also, I use VLC version 2.0 Twoflower to stream and receive videos and this also works very well.

I do have issues with T1 circuits as I cannot seem to get MPEG4 videos or VLC is not correctly converting or it is just my limited understanding of Video itself. I know for MPEG3, I need at least 2.4Mbps of bandwidth and I thought MPEG4 could be supported on less than 1.544Mbps - hopefully will figure this out soon.


My setup is MPLS Hub and Spoke. I control the Hubs, Spokes, and all the MPLS cloud so I am able to test most any scenario.


Perhaps we could collaborate on multicast over MPLS????

Also, I use Sparse mode throughout the entire Hub/Spoke/MPLS domain.

Let me know.

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