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Why is it needed to use anycast IPs?

So, there're a bunch of questions on SF about the uses and how anycast IPs are cool. My approach is something more practical. What specifically I need to have to use one of those addresses?

  • Do I need to be an AS (Autonomous System)?
  • If I want to use an Anycast IP on my internal network, is it possible?
  • Do I need anything special with a registrar/operator(s) to use it?

Basically, if I want to use an Anycast IP address, what exactly I need, from the equipment to configuration part.

Anycast is a network addressing and routing method in which incoming requests can be routed to a variety of different locations or “nodes.” In the context of a CDN, Anycast typically routes incoming traffic to the nearest data center with the capacity to process the request efficiently. Selective routing allows an Anycast network to be resilient in the face of high traffic volume, network congestion, and DDoS attacks.

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Anycast is a network addressing and routing methodology in which a single destination address has multiple routing paths to two or more endpoint destinations. ... Anycast networks are widely used for content delivery network (CDN) products to bring their content closer to the end user.

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This is what I've learned about any-cast...

  1. Yes, you need an AS to run anycast. You will also need to run BGP and route at least a /24 on the public side.
  2. Theoretically, as long as you run BGP, you should be fine; so run BGP and have multiple routers announce 192.168.1.XX or what ever you want using an AS in the range of 64512 through 65535 as these are designated private for said purpose.
  3. Only if you run public BGP. If you want to do that you have to register an IP block from LANICand an AS also, but if you want to run private you don't.

As far as equipment is required: all you should need is one or more routers that support BGP. Vyatta and PFsense do, if you do not have a compatible router and you feel like going open source. Then you setup each router to broadcast the same IPs.

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