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I want to use a Windows VPN but only for a particular network, so that it doesn't take over my entire network connection.

e.g., Instead of the VPN becoming the default route, make it only the route for

(I can see that there is a solution for this for Ubuntu in this question, but sometimes I have to do this on Windows too)

Can this be automated so that whenever I connect to the VPN it does this?

I successfully used @TRS-80's technique to achieve this.

I work from home and have to VPN onto the corporate network for my email (I hate webmail!!).

At the same time, I need to be constantly surfing for info and also need youtube for my background music... Now you definitely don't want to stream youtube off a VPN since that makes it sound like a Robot Singing!!! :)

All I did was follow @TRS-80:

properties of the VPN, Networking tab, "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" properties, Advanced, untick "Use default gateway on remote network"

and then did my own:

under DNS tab, tick "register this connections addresses in DNS"

All works seamlessly!

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You can turn off taking over your entire connection by going to the properties of the VPN, Networking tab, Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties, Advanced, untick Use default gateway on remote network. This may or may not leave a route to depending on the VPN server's setup. If it doesn't, you'll have to manually add the route each time, although you could put it in a batch file.

In order to manually add the route, run (as administrator):

route -p add mask

This example will make a persistent (it's not necessary to run the command after a reboot) route to the IP through the VPN gateway

More about this at

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