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VirtualBox guest OS accessing local servers on hosts OS

On my Ubuntu host I have my local webserver. I installed VirtualBox and Debian as a guest.

I would like the Debian guest to be able to hit my webserver running on my Ubuntu host (for example, I just type http://localhost:8080/ in the browser under Debian).

How can this be done?

Also a point to make when using the ip address of is if you're using MAMP for instance add the port number :8888 so the full address reads

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Enable ONE network adapter. Set it to NAT and start your machine. Don't need to configure anything.

On guest machine's browser type which will show you the same content as "localhost" in the host OS. is the "default gateway" for NAT connections and your guest OS' IP is

Of course you can set a "HOST-ONLY" or an "Internal Network" which will allow you another advanced configurations. I recommend to stay with NAT.



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