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I have a mysqldump backup of my mysql database consisting of all of our tables which is about 440 megs. I want to restore the contents of just one of the tables form the mysqldump. Is this possible? Theoretically, I could just cut out the section that rebuilds the table I want but I don't even know how to effectively edit a text document that size.

You can try to use sed in order to extract only the table you want.

Let say the name of your table is mytable and the file mysql.dump is the file containing your huge dump:

$ sed -n -e '/CREATE TABLE.*`mytable`/,/CREATE TABLE/p' mysql.dump > mytable.dump

This will copy in the file mytable.dump what is located between CREATE TABLE mytable and the next CREATE TABLE corresponding to the next table.

You can then adjust the file mytable.dump which contains the structure of the table mytable, and the data (a list of INSERT).

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